For experts with powerful, high-end SERVICES…

There are 3 things preventing you from making more
high-end sales

These 3 things might be the reason your business is making just enough money to get by...

 As it drains the life out of you.  Even if you're earning six-figures or more.

If you’re dangerously close to burnout, please
pay attention.

There’s a good chance you don’t have a ‘sales problem’ but that you accidentally designed the perfect business to serve the wrong people AND burn you out in the process.

Or if you are meeting ideal prospects who do not become high-end clients.

This is important to you if you know you have amazing expertise and you've got some great stuff put together… but people are not getting it. And then when you do talk to people, sales aren't closing. It's super frustrating because you know how good you are at what you do, and how great your products and services are.

Here’s are the 3 things could be sabotaging your
high-end sales:

First, your market perceives your expertise as a commodity.

You’ve probably gone through this, like figuring out different ways of describing yourself, your work your services, and feels good for a while, and then you change it, and it feels good again, and then you change it. And what happens is that you keep confusing your market and you accidentally go down the path of kind of making it palatable and commoditizing it.

Your positioning is devaluing your expertise, your products, and your services because it sounds confusing or generic.

Second, your market doesn’t see your high-end offers as clear and compelling.  

Clear compelling high-end offers are perfectly designed for YOUR  ideal clients, so that when your ideal clients see them, they feel seen and they feel understood. They feel met with exactly what they need to move themselves forward. And so, so it's that they're clear and compelling offers that fit like a glove.

And so then of course, YOUR people are gonna say yes

Because your true ideal clients, they don't want to monkey around for months or years trying to get their problem solved. They want it solved now and if the right offer is there, they're willing to pay for it.

Third, you’re attracting 1-star prospects, not 5-star prospects  

If you’re attracting way too many of the wrong people, you’ve got a problem. It can’t be fixed immediately, but it CAN be fixed.

The two biggest reasons high-level experts attract 1-star prospects are because they don’t know who their 5-star prospects are AND they don’t have a qualification process that sorts out the wrong people.

Just to be clear, your 5-star prospects are unique to you and your expertise. There are specific criteria that make them the PERFECT people for your products and services.

This is not about demographics or how much money they have. There are 5 specific things that make them ideal to you… and only you can define those 5 things.

Not having these three things stems from being a perfectionist. 

When you step into the version of yourself, which I call "your inner Rainmaker" by clarifying your expert positioning, your compelling offers and your 5-star stop the sabotage from your inner perfectionist. 

These are the 3 Shifts I want to help you make:

Your expertise needs to be acknowledged and valued by your market, instead of having people see you as just another “whatever”. 

The fact is, you’re NOT just another “whatever”.  I know it. You know it. 

It’s time for your market to know it.

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I created this workshop for you!

Tracy Kay is a Positioning Expert and CEO of Selling For Experts. She helps established experts close more high-end sales.

Tracy is her own best case study, after moving to Switzerland and becoming a teacher and University lecturer she fell in love with sharing her knowledge from the front of the room. She left teaching to start her own training company and turned her $50/hour service into $5k-$20k premium paid in full clients. She has worked with private individual clients and international companies including Coca Cola®.   Today she works with busy coaches, consultants and service providers who want to work with high-end clients and be well compensated for their amazing expertise. 

Join us for the Stop Sales Sabotage Workshop
on Friday, October 16th
at 9am Los Angeles/12pm New York/5pm London

The workshop begins with you connecting with your premium positioning, the thing that sets you apart from everyone else.

In the first morning exercise, you nail the thing that has been alluding you forever, that will completely transform actual results as well as the way you talk about your business.

 Then we’ll dive in to high-end offers and you'll become crystal clear in what to include in YOUR offer and what NOT to include.

After a quick break, you’ll come back refreshed and ready for the best part. 

Identifying the exact people you want to be having sales conversations with and what they already need to have accomplished before they can even get on the phone with you.

You’ll walk away with an action plan in hand to land premium clients at $10k-$75k or more.

They've copied my success formula, now you can too...

$7500 Client

With a wide-range of professional experiences combined with a Ph.D in counseling psychology I didn't know how to position my expertise other than as a therapist. After mapping out my high-end offers with Tracy, I landed my first $7500 client. 

Dr. Kimberly Wilson

   Burn Out Expert,

 Higher-Net Worth Clients

Tracy's brilliant strategy helped me re-position my services to attract premium clients. Now I'm booked solid 6-months out. 

Nicolette Bouw

       The Dutch Designer,          Nibio.Net

Attracted CEO Client

As an executive coach, I was able to close my highest-end client after working with Tracy. She helped me integrate all my professional experience and express what I do in a powerful way.

Margo Myers

Executive & Presentation Coach,

Landed Multiple $5K Speaking Gigs

Tracy helped me increase my revenues from my public speaking. My business (and professional background) has many facets to it and she skillfully connected the dots to zero in on my lucrative expert positioning.  Then she brilliantly translated that into hot talk topics, website copy and speaker one sheet, garnering me higher speaking fees and being invited to speak on some storied stages.  Can’t recommend her services enough.

Kristi Dosh

Award-winning publicist and CEO of Guide My Brand

Found My Lucrative Niche

Loved my VIP Day working with my company's vision, positioning and profit plan. She helped me transform my positioning so I'd stop attracting low-budget individual clients and start enrolling premium private and corporate clients. 

Kerstin O'Shields

CEO & Body Language Strategist  

Stop Sales Sabotage Workshop also includes:

Access to our exclusive 3-hour live training with a max of 30 participants. 

Downloadable High-End Sales Workbook with templates, checklists and more...

Access to Mp3 and video recording of the training so you can listen again and again

This is for you if...

You're Currently An Experienced Coach, Consultant or High-End Service Provider (Copywriter,  Interior Designer etc.)

    Have a High-End Offer of $3K or more

    Feel Called to Work with Premium Clients

    Have a Burning Desire to Make a Real Difference in the World 

    Success and Service Minded 

    Close more high-end sales

    Join us for the Stop Sales Sabotage Workshop usually priced at $499!

    Only $97


    10% of total ticket sales are donated to Vine Maple Place in Maple Valley, WA.

    Vine Maple Place assists women and families in crisis by helping single parents and their children build lives of hope, stability, and greater economic self-sufficiency.  

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    Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average attendee and are not a guarantee that anyone will achieve similar results. 

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