HI! I’m Tracy Kay, CEO & Founder of Selling for Experts™ a company that supports high-achieving coaches and consultants to get off the feast or famine income and add six-figures to their business by enrolling high-end clients.

After selling $3.3 million dollars in investments for a national bank, within the first three months on the job, I won national awards, beating out colleagues with 20 years experience.  Soon after, I had the opportunity to move to Switzerland.   

Quickly discovering that as a foreigner (who didn’t speak the language) I needed to change careers and went into teaching.   Even though I was teaching AP Economics at a private boarding school was lecturing at a University a few times a week, it wasn’t the quality of life I was looking to create. 

So I started a consulting and training company.

The mentors and business-building advice I found ONLY seemed to focus on how to attract low-end mass-market “consumer” clients and not high-paying corporate and B2B clients.  So I had to slog through trial and error to figure it all out on my own.  I went on to land private and international corporate clients like Coca-Cola®. 

That’s when I created my proprietary High-End Client Breakthrough™ system that bridges proven business growth strategy with your expertise.  The results for myself and my clients are astounding. 

Now I support the most amazing creative entrepreneurs (coaches, interior designers, speakers, storytellers and copywriters) to grow their business by working with high-end clients, larger organizations, and universities, while connecting deeply to their Purpose and embodying their Calling.  I created this company because I don’t want others to go through the struggle that I did. 

As a lover of culture and travel,  I’ve lived on three continents and traveled to over 30 countries (and counting), and bring that curiosity and sense of adventure to the coaching work I do.

My writing has appeared in the Amazon best-selling book “The Gratitude Project” and in national print publications including Swiss News and ETAS magazines as well as in regional publications.

In my free time, I can be found traveling with my husband (before Covid-19),  gardening and raising our siamese cat, Mossimo and the tabby, Leo.